Health & Welfare Services

Whether it's medical insurance for your group, supplemental insurance like disability or life, or employee engagement programs like wellness, our Health & Welfare Services division has you covered.  

What is the right plan for you? There are many to choose from and lots to consider. But, we don't just throw out a bunch of numbers.  We take the time to understand your needs and goals so our advice is thoughtful and our solutions are meaningful.

One of the ways in which we determine the right solution for your company is through the use of benchmarking data. Download a free Health Plan Survey today.

If you're a company executive, you may be concerned about getting a return on your investment, especially for your group medical insurance.

If you're an HR professional, you may be concerned about the time involved in managing your benefit plan and communicating it to the workforce.

If you're a small business, you may be concerned about how to maximize your dollars spent on insurance.


Regardless of who you are, The Wilson Agency will do more than just find a plan for you.  We become an extension of your business, ensuring your benefits investment supports your overall goals. Working with us can help you:

  • Easily communicate complex benefits to your employees
  • Improve workplace morale and productivity
  • Reduce turnover and costs
  • Streamline HR functions
  • Maintain and improve compliance


How do I know who to hire?

Look no further!  Download our Free Toolkit: Choosing the Right Benefits Advisor.  You'll receive:

  1. White Paper
  2. Scorecard
  3. Glossary of Terms
  4. Questions and Answers

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Looking for Personal Insurance?

We can help with that too!  Go to our Individual Coverage page.