Navigate compliance with our Compliance Assessment

Are your benefit plans compliant? When was the last time you asked yourself this question, spent the time to research all the compliance laws and regulations that you must adhere to, analyzed your current business practices and made a determination as to whether or not your company met all the requirements?Navigate Compliance

Given that a full compliance analysis can be complex and time-consuming, we won't blame you if it's been a while, or never.

We understand the need to ensure that your employee benefit plans meet all the necessary requirements. Avoiding compliance mishaps now can save you time and money in the case of a future audit. As your business partner, we've developed a simple solution that will save you the hassle of doing the research and analysis yourself.

We put together a team of professionals with extensive compliance expertise to develop the Compliance Assessment. This survey can be used to assess the areas in which your company meets the compliance requirements and the areas in which your company fails to meet the requirements. The survey helps to determine compliance in the following areas: ERISA, COBRA, Form 5500, Medicare, CMS Reporting, Employee Notices, HIPAA, IRS Requirements, FMLA, PPACA and more.

This Compliance Assessment is easy to understand and, in most cases, takes less than an hour to complete. Additionally, the survey provides recommendations for all of the areas in which you do not fully meet the compliance requirements. Respondents to the survey will receive an easy-to-read checklist with their results that will allow you to remain compliant and avert risk. Clients will have the opportunity to review the results with their advisor, and receive guidance on appropriate solutions and proper implementation of those solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about this tool or are ready to take the survey, feel free to contact us today. If you are a current client of The Wilson Agency, please contact your Benefits Advisor.

Interested in results? Here's a sample of the Compliance Assessment Checklist that you will receive after completing the survey.