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Is a religious healthcare co-op right for you?

By Jolene Bryant, Health & Welfare Services Advisor, and Kathy Binkley, RHU, ChHC, Health & Welfare Services Advisor at The Wilson Agency

With the advent of healthcare reform, the ability to find affordable healthcare options has been a lingering concern for many Alaskans. This ...continue reading


How much does your advisor really receive in commissions?

By Terry Allard, CEBS, Health & Welfare Services Sr. Advisor 

As a consumer, you should be aware of the total amount you are paying for the products and services you purchase. Of course, we are sure you have received the same advice before.  The wireless carriers love ...continue reading


Three out of Four U.S. Employers to Be Hit with Cadillac Tax by 2022

Even Bronze-Level Plans Subject to Excise Tax, Finds UBA Survey

Many employers falsely assume that the Cadillac tax will apply only to the richest plans. However, newly release data from the 2015 UBA Health Plan Survey shows that even the lowest ...continue reading


Employee Out-of-Pocket Health Plan Costs Skyrocketing, Deductibles Doubled in Five Years

Results Released from the 2015 UBA Health Plan Survey Reveal a Continuing Trend of Shifting Costs to Employees, Especially Families

Employees saw modest health plan rate increases in 2015, but out-of-pocket costs continue to skyrocket, according to the 2015 UBA Health Plan ...continue reading


6055 Reporting, HRAs, and "Supplemental Coverage"

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) implemented section 6055 of the Internal Revenue Code, which requires IRS reporting from any entity that provides "minimum essential coverage" (MEC) to individuals. Employers who are applicable large employers (ALEs) have related reporting obligations under section ...continue reading


Save Money on Your Prescriptions

By Terry Allard, CEBS, Sr. Benefit Advisor

If you are like many of us you go to the doctor with an issue, he/she will write a prescription and you will go to the pharmacy, get it filled and take the medication as prescribed, no questions asked. Well I say you start doing your research ...continue reading


Take advantage of telemedicine

By Terry Allard, CEBS, Sr. Benefit Advisor

A few weeks ago, I had a sore throat. Actually, it was more than just sore, it was burning. I felt like I had swallowed fire. And to make things worse, I had a fever and could barely get out of bed. I obviously had a throat infection and needed ...continue reading


PPACA's Impact on How CDHPs and HSAs Work Together

Employer health savings account (HSA) funding strategies have changed in recent years in response to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and its impact on employer-sponsored health insurance plans. Employers are contributing less, on average, to HSAs and the increase in ...continue reading


Prescription Drug Benefits Explained

By Michael Humphrey, MLHR, Sr. Employee Benefits Advisor

In our business, we often discuss group medical insurance, but one aspect that doesn’t get as much discussion is prescription drug benefits. These are an extremely important part of the employer’s benefits package and should be ...continue reading


Stop Loss Contract Periods Explained

By Michael Humphrey, MLHR, Sr. Employee Benefits Advisor


In last week’s blog, we explained the different types of stop loss insurance. This week we will go over another important aspect of stop loss:  contract periods.

Stop loss contract periods are perhaps the most ...continue reading


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