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Three common employee handbook mistakes

By Mary Anne Aadnesen, SPHR-SCP, HR Services Sr. Partner at ConnectHR
ConnectHR is a subsidiary of The Wilson Agency

As an experienced HR professional, I’ve seen my fair share of employee handbooks. An employee handbook provides guidelines for you and your employees to follow. ...continue reading

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Is a religious healthcare co-op right for you?

By Jolene Bryant, Health & Welfare Services Advisor, and Kathy Binkley, RHU, ChHC, Health & Welfare Services Advisor at The Wilson Agency

With the advent of healthcare reform, the ability to find affordable healthcare options has been a lingering concern for many Alaskans. This ...continue reading


There’s Always Time for a Workout

An often heard excuse for people not exercising is that they don’t have time to do it. We all have time for something, it just depends on whether we want to make time for it. Consider this: If you think you’re too busy to work out, but then an activity comes up you want to do, I’m willing to ...continue reading

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Investors Do Better Interacting With People Instead Of Technology

Many employers have done an excellent job of integrating financial wellness programs with their employees in order for them to improve their overall financial well-being. However, the most significant progress appears to be when investors actually speak with a qualified human being rather than ...continue reading


The Other Side of Office Politics

Everyone is aware of office politics, but what about politics in the office? Whether you label yourself as a republican, democrat, independent, liberal, conservative, or anything else, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself. During an election year, people can become quite passionate about ...continue reading


Don't Neglect Written Policies and Procedures

By Elizabeth Kay, Compliance & Retention Analyst, AEIS Advisors, A UBA Partner Firm

I have worked with my fair share of companies, both large and small, from companies ...continue reading

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Business Travel Is Seldom Done Leisurely

To quote singer Warren Zevon, "I've been to Paris and it ain't that pretty at all." Many people often think of business travel as a "free vacation" or that it's all champagne and caviar (and if it is for you, I want to know where you work), but the reality is that it's often very stressful. An ...continue reading

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Top Talent Prefers Being Recruited Via Their Mobile Device

If you haven’t noticed, newspapers are shrinking in size. Fewer people, especially the younger demographic of 18- to 40-year-olds, read them and this especially applies to when they’re searching for jobs. Employers who continue to use only the older methods of recruitment -- classified ads and ...continue reading

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Don't Bring Me Down!

Every workplace has its fair share of slackers and goof-offs, but it’s what an employer does with those employees that solidifies its corporate culture as one of high or low performance.

Employers that ignore low-performing employees risk more than just productivity. In an article titled ...continue reading


How much does your advisor really receive in commissions?

By Terry Allard, CEBS, Health & Welfare Services Sr. Advisor 

As a consumer, you should be aware of the total amount you are paying for the products and services you purchase. Of course, we are sure you have received the same advice before.  The wireless carriers love ...continue reading